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Santiago en 100 palabras


We are a cultural, nonprofit organization focused on the creation and overall management of projects of social participation regarding literature and art. Our focus is mass participation initiatives, in addition to generating new outlets for creative learning.

Our goal is to bring culture to as many people as possible. We believe in a diverse and heterogeneous society, in which outlets that allow for creative expression of its citizens are essential in order to democratize culture and make diversity visible.

We started as a magazine for young literature and art in 2000. The following year we created the short story contest “Santiago en 100 Palabras” (Santiago in 100 Words) , expanding our field into project management. Today we are a multidisciplinary team involving cultural managers, sociologists, designers, filmmakers, historians, and journalists, among others.

Our projects cover literary, artistic, audiovisual, educational and community areas, and are carried out in partnership with public and private entities. In 2014 we started our internationalization, exporting some of our initiatives to Mexico, Colombia and Hungary.


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Over time we have built valuable partnerships with various institutions. Today we make projects with partners such as Escondida / BHP, Metro de Santiago, Universidad de Concepción, TVN, Iberoamericana Radio Chile, Enap, Fundación Imagen de Chile, Educarchile, Cámara Colombiana del Libro, Alcaldía de Bogotá and Comfama, among others.



Avonni Innovation Award for the best cultural project 2016

2010 Fundación Futuro City Award